PureAVS CPU is the intelligence within Pure Audio Video Systems. Our CPU techicians leverage the expertise of PureAVS to provide services to customers who need simple, elegant and smart solutions that address their home audio video needs.

While PureAVS focuses on new, large-scale projects such as designing and building dedicated home theaters and integrating whole house audio systems, CPU’s expertise is in smaller intelligence based projects.

We search the audio/video marketplace for the best available ways to upgrade, expand and modernize existing systems, provide better, more user-friendly controls, and to add new sources such as iPods and digital media servers to existing systems.

List of Services Offered:

• Sales, programming and installation of universal
remote control systems
• Re-programming remotes and multi-room controls
• Audio and video system troubleshooting
• Upgrades to entire home audio/video systems
--iPod integration
--Enhanced control systems
--Additional music sources; audio servers, satellite
internet radio
--Multi-room audio expansion
• Tuning and calibration of video output and surround
sound systems
• Relocation of A/V equipment to discrete locations
• Gaming systems installation and setup
• Service and maintenance plans

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